LSTD517 American Military Probing the Ethics of Cyberspace Research Paper

This assignment requires the deconstruction of an article into its primary elements, namely:

The Research Question;

The Thesis;

The Claims or argument;

The Evidence or supporting facts; and,

The Conclusion(s).

Locate the elements by annotating with the “highlight” tool and/or using the Comments tool within Microsoft WORD to provide remarks in the margins.

Briefly critique the article by identifying both its strong elements and those that were less compelling.

Finally, assess this resource’s utility breaking it down through this deconstruction process and understand the argument and facts that the author used to support his/her claims. The critique may be written at the bottom of the article itself or provided in a separate WORD document. The critique should be no longer than a single double-spaced written page.

Within the example, the Professor submitted the following response:

“In your commentary to the main article, you raise valid points, although in the first “bubble,” you make points that don’t quite make sense.But for the assignment, you needed to identify the thesis and then points and counterpoints, as well as evidence, to support that evaluation and analysis, which didn’t happen.Your “bubbles” seem to serve as the independent critique but don’t work that way; doing the separate critique would have meant an opportunity to use references. Some of the language seemed unclear, something that a review with people in the library who work on issues of writing, seems like a good idea.”

I need additional assistance to improve the WORD bubbles and overall critique of the document as a final resubmission ASAP,