Managerial Finance Cement Industry Assignment

= In this assignment, I have gathered the index values “closing” value for TASI and cement industry for the past 36 months (2015, 2016 and 2017) from Tadawul website & I have filled it in attached excel for the 36 month.

you need compare it with the 10 company performance listed below and do the following:

  • Hail Cement Co.
  • Najran Cement Co.
  • Qassim Cement Co.
  • Tabuk Cement Co.
  • Al Jouf Cement Co.
  • Umm Al-Qura Cement Co.
  • Northern Region Cement Co.
  • Southern Province Cement Co.
  • Eastern Province Cement Co.
  • Yanbu Cement Co.

1) You need to assess the company’s share price performance over the three years period “Time series analysis, trend analysis” against the indices performance.

2) Comment on the share price performance for the past three years compared to the indices; Do your companies outperform the indices or under-perform? please make sure you compare with the 10 company .for each company paragraph

3)Draw charts using Excel to show the trend for the 10 companies together against the indices and color them differently.

please I need trend line to represent each company 10 Trend line should be appeared in the Cahart with different colour & pargrapgh to represent each comapny performance