MAPP502 American Military University Poverty Reduction Policy Research

Draft a grant proposal for research on Poverty Reduction Policy.

(I believe poverty should be reduced in the best way possible. But the financially challenged must be taught how to never end up in poverty again once they succeed.)

Many grant proposals can be inordinately detailed, but assignment asks for an abbreviated version (4-5 pages).

Imagine that you have the opportunity to apply for a $5,000 grant to be awarded by the Department of Public Administration here at APUS to conduct research in an area of your policy interest (possibly to support a Capstone thesis?). The Faculty will use the following criteria to assess your submission:

  • How well have you defined your proposed research topic and proposed question?
  • How important is the activity to furthering knowledge in the field(s)?
  • How does it further the researcher (you) professionally or academically?
  • Is the research question proposing original research, or merely rehashing research questions that have been done before?
  • Is the methodology well conceived and suitable for the proposed project?
  • What is the end product?
  • What activities will the applicant be doing to reach that end product?
  • What is the timeline?
  • What is the budget?

Please set out the proposal as you would for a formal submission. The submission should be between 4-5 pages.

Cover page and reference page does not count towards page count. The grant itself should have a brief introduction, followed by sections as they are noted above. Another way to organize it is detailed in The’s breakdown (Fritz 2016) found here:…

Cite your sources using APA formatting.