Marketing post on amazon commercial… read all the information AIDA and promotion objectives is the commercial to be used.

Your initial thread post is required to be minimum 300 words and due by Tuesday 11:59 pm MST. Please make sure to properly cite any references you use (25 points) do not needs cover page.

For this assignment you will watch television and note the advertising surrounding the programming. (If you have no television or streaming television please complete this assignment backwards. You can talk about an advertisement you find online and suggest programming that would be successful). First you will identify the target market(s) for the show. Based on what you watch, select a promotion presented before, during, or after the show that emphasizes branding. Using the ad, relate the three basic promotion objectives (inform, persuade, remind) to the four jobs of promotion (AIDA). Write one paragraph identifying the ad, the target market, and state why the ad works or does not work in achieving the promotion objective moving the Target Market to take an action. This action must drive an exchange of something of value; i.e., money, votes, time, etc. The key – be clear and concise in getting your message across as you apply promotion concepts.