MCM300 Use Mobile Technology in Classrooms Analysis

MCM300 Use Mobile Technology in Classrooms Analysis

I have three interviews and I want to make a thematic analysis for the data in the interview

•A theme is a conceptualization of an interaction, a relationship, or an event.

there are three types of themes


Present when at least two parts of a report have the same thread of meaning – is not simply repetition of he same word or phrase; different wording may result in the same meaning. Thus, this criterion focuses on salient meaning.


Explicit repetition of key words, phrases, or sentences.


Vocal inflection, volume, or dramatic pause which serve to stress and subordinate some utterances from other[s]. . . It also refers to the underlining of words and phrases, the increased size of point or use of colored marks circling or otherwise focusing on passages in the written reports

What I need is you to go through the three interviews and highlight themes and divide them in 4 categories


category one can be Interest and then highlight in each interview the part they talk about intrest then mention if it was forcefulness or repitition or recurrence.