MKT450 University of Tampa CapSim Simulation Electronic Sensor Industry Report

Page One:

  • Search online to find comprehensive information about the US Electronic Sensor Business.
  • Write a one page summary of the actual US Electronic Sensor Industry. This should be a general overview of the industry to demonstrate that you have a fundamental understanding of the industry.

Page Two:

  • Use the CapSim slides as a source for page two of this assignment to complete the following tasks:
    • Write one paragraph with a brief summary of how your company came to exist.
    • List the five Customer Segments that exist in CapSim.
    • List the four Buying Criteria that your customers use to make purchase decisions.
    • Explain what DRIFT is and how you will address it in Capsim.

CapSim Power point slides are uploaded. I also uploaded the rubric for this paper.