Patients recovery and compliance to a given medication or care plan.

A patient centered issue I have observed has been how patient education impacts the patients recovery time and compliance. I have observed that the more education a patient has the more confident they are to comply with medical treatment. Patients in which have knowledge of there given diagnosis comply faster and have a better chance of recovery compared to patients without knowledge of diagnoses.

How does the education provided to patients impact the patients compliance to care plan and recovery process? The independent variable is patients compliance to care plan and level of education. The  dependent variable is the rate of the patients recovery and compliance to a given medication or care plan. (Schmidt, N., & Brown, J., 2019). The research design can be by conducting random surveys and follow up appointment in selected hospitals. Patients can be selected at random and current patients and former patients will be given a survey to fill out and then to be analyzed. Hospital will be selected at random in order to avoid bias results. (Schmidt, N., & Brown, J., 2019).




Discussion post by Selena


Consider a patient centered issue you have observed recently.

In the hospital the nurses are constantly either going in and out of a patient’s room or writing down notes. A constant run around to make sure every patient has what they need to the best ability of the hospital staff. Recently while on the floor it has come to my attention that many kids are left alone in their rooms as parents must work and the family is overall busy. When this happens, the kids are very quiet and will either go with the motions or refuse. It is well known that when an individual feels isolated there health tends to worsen. Yet when they are with people or at least some form of contact it helps in decreasing stress.

Formulate a research question related to that issue.

By using time to provide company for the patient or bringing in child life, will pediatric patients become more compliant with care and will it help decrease their sense of isolation?

Identify the independent and dependent variable

Independent: Patients support system

Dependent: Patients recovery and sense of isolation

hypothesis and type of hypothesis.

The patient will not feel as isolated and become more compliant with a faster recovery if medical staff take time to decrease the sense of isolation.

Type: it would fall under a simple hypothesis as it is regarding the relationship between isolation and recovery. Which are the dependent and independent variable.

What type of research study design would you use to address that issue?

The research design applied would be a cross-sectional design. It was chosen as it used to look at individuals at one time, hospital stay.

what type of sampling or sampling strategy would you use?

It would fall under random sample in an attempt to exclude bias from interfering with the research.

Defend your choices with support from your textbook or other peer-reviewed journal source.

The reason these choices fit the chosen questions are regarding how the process applies to it. Simple hypothesis focuses on explaining a relationship between two variables. Cross-sectional design is nonexperimental but it does allow for the collection of data  recording independent and dependent variable (Schmidt & Brown, 2019). As it applies to how isolation effects the patients overall health. Random sample attempts to inhibit bias. The topic in question has been discussed in length especially in the ongoing pandemic. Many of this research is still ongoing and further information has steady come to light. An increase in mental health issues has followed and can greatly affect physical health. Isolation impacts adversely to a patients overall well-being (Gammon & Hunt, 2018).