Peer Review (o)

Peer Review (o)

Follow this process

1. Read the thesis.

2. Leave in-text comments on the thesis: at least 2 comments about the organization (list of points) and content (the claim), 1 comment that deals with sentence structure and/or grammar.

3. Answer in detail and in complete sentences the first 5 questions of the peer review questions on page 417, and to help the writer, all of the questions on page 468 of Longman textbook.

4. Finally, answer these question in complete sentences:

What is the writer’s thesis statement? (Write it out completely for your partner.)

  • Does the thesis statement include a point about the topic?
  • Is it more than just a fact or detail?
  • Is your thesis statement clear and specific?
  • Does it indicate the direction your paper is taking?
  • Is it limited enough to be manageable?
  • Do you provide a preview of the points you will use to support your thesis?
  • Suggest a preview of points that would work for the thesis.