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I have a research paper to write in MLA, my topic is on People who have anxiety can they embrace fear or does having anxiety stop them can embracing it. I need to included at least 3 articles. They can scholarly articles or an article from a well known magazine. There needs to be evidence to back up my argument and they have to be cited in MLA format. I need to healthy mix of direct quotes and paraphrasing.

You can write anywhere from 1000-1200words. I would just like to make my topic clear. it is about people who have anxiety and have a hard time embracing fear, then people who don’t have anxiety find it easier to embrace fear. It is a research paper in MLA format so there needs to be evidence to support my argument. In text citations need to be in MLA format to support the argument . There needs to be a balance of direct quotes and paraphrasing within the paper. The evidence needs to come at least 3 different sources, that can be scholarly articles/pured review or from a well known magazine like The New York Times, New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, The Walrus. I also need a reference in MLA. The research paper needs to have an introduction with a thesis with my argument in it. You know each topic is a new paragraph. quotes and paraphrasing.

Note keenly

Please make sure you provide high quality work no plagiarism no grammar issues

Follow instructions keenly and read through the instructions keenly please.

Use credible sources please and make sure you in-text every appropriately

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