Political System and Voting Discussion


It happens all too often that people disengage themselves from politics and refrain from talking about it or voting, and that does not benefit the political system that relies on active participation from citizens to perform at its best. Some of the reasons I most often come across for not voting are that the person doesn’t believe his or her vote will make any difference, or that the person thinks all politicians are the same and do not seek the people’s wellness.

The first argument is easy to truly believe in, but it is important to keep in mind that as small of a difference a vote makes, it still makes significantly more than not voting. I would point this out to the person, noting how not being able to impact the government is often a self-fulfilling prophecy, and I would also add that politicians tend to listen to their voters more than non-voters.

As for the second argument, I would agree that politicians all share similar traits and habits, but remind the people I’m talking to that our disinterest only contributes to this fact. Any politician is much more likely to listen to the needs of the people if they actively seek their fulfillment and speak out. The less people around the country voice their opinions and try to influence those in power, the less chance there is of the government doing what the people need. Once again, the only way to break out of this circle is to become more active.

Voting is important, and I cannot wait to do it myself, but we should not limit the reach of our reasoning to our own ballots. In addition to voting, I plan to organize political discussions with my friends, my main goal being to share ideas and refine our general and political views. This way, we will be able to affect each other’s opinions with our own, everyone benefitting from the situation. I also want to speak out on a broader level, online and possibly in person, publicizing the views that I had refined in the aforementioned discussions, so that my voice can spread across the country for many people to hear and take into account when forming their own opinions


I used to be one of those citizens that never voted because of some different reasons, but after being a part of this class I see that voting is more important and vast than just voting on a candidate. One reason I have heard for not voting is my vote does not matter. Sometimes an election has been determined by only a handful of votes. “According to the 2015 report “Why Voting Matters,” voting “plays a significant role in the distribution of government resources as well as the size of government and who benefits from public policies.” (Goldman, 2018). If one does not go out to vote then he is setting himself up for being underrepresented and his views not seen. Another reason some do not vote is I do not know if I am registered. Registering to vote is extremely easy and you can check to see if you are registered online. Some states even allow you to register to vote on Election Day.

I have also found that besides voting I am able to participate in politics in many ways. I can write letters to elected officials. By writing letters to my elected officials I can portray my feelings and thoughts on current matters. I can also add in the feelings of those around me by thinking locally. In the letter I would need to make myself seem credible and professional in manner. I can also participate in politics by participating in marches that align with my beliefs and values. A political march I would participate in is one in which was legal and non violent. I just want my voice to be heard and for other passersby to also see our march’s cause and maybe do some research on it so they also form an opinion, hopefully the same opinion as the march, but at least become educated regarding it. Participating in politics is much easier than one believes you just must have the desire