PSY105 CSU Global New Family Member Culture Religion and Customs Paper

Consider the ways that your family deals with life and death. Explain how your culture or religion and customs address the acceptance of a new family member (e.g., through marriage, birth, or adoption) and the loss of a beloved family member (e.g., miscarriage or death).

My religion is Christian Catholic and I am originally from the Middle East, my culture is Arab.

How did the readings in this course help you to understand these processes?

State your thoughts about the following:

  1. whether to abort a fetus who has genetic defects
  2. the decision regarding saving the life of the baby vs. the mother during childbirth
  3. a living will or Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders. For example, if you were in a serious accident and now required life-support systems to survive, would you want that? Alternately, if you were terminally ill, would you choose to die rather than to receive potentially painful treatment? A living will describes your desires so that your family or appointed guardian can execute your wishes on your behalf.

Please use the following links for resources:

3 Paragraphs is what this assignment requires