QSO450 Transportation Path for Exportation Shoes

QSO450 Transportation Path for Exportation Shoes

 Predict future transportation trends by analyzing the influence of past and current regulatory issues on the transportation industry  Develop comprehensive managerial strategies for planning and executing a global transportation network

Review: You work for a company in Manchester, NH that manufactures a unique running shoe that has grown in popularity beyond the local region and is now being demanded across the United States. Your current distribution centers are located in Albany, NY, Phoenix, AZ, and Jacksonville, FL. Your company has also begun to receive inquiries from retailers in the European Union that are interested in selling your shoes. To begin selling overseas, your company has partnered with a company that will manage a distribution center in Munich, Germany.

While looking into your current distribution plans, you find that you have no comprehensive transportation plan. You see that transportation in your company is typically an afterthought; this will not do if you are going to begin selling across the United States and Europe, as planned.

Prompt: For this assessment, you will to continue developing a comprehensive strategy for planning and executing a global transportation network by providing an overview of the current customs procedures for shipping goods to the European Union. You will describe the steps in the process by including agencies, forms, and procedures. Based on trends in transportation, you will predict whether these procedures will become more or less restrictive than their current state and how that would affect your company’s logistical network. Be sure to refer to concepts learned in this course and include additional peer-reviewed research to support your conclusions.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in this milestone:

III. Past and Present Regulation

A. Analyze the current customs and clearance process required to move cargo from the United States into the European Union. Be sure to include the required forms and regulatory agencies that are involved, and describe each step of the process. How has this process developed over time? How might this process change in the future, based on what is known of it today? Defend your rationale.

B. Summarize the key acts and statutes that act as the basis for transportation regulation in the United States. How might these affect your transportation plan? Be sure to provide citations of these acts and statutes from primary literature

C. Based on the past trends of transportation regulation, do you predict that future transportation regulation will become stricter or more lenient? Why? How will these changes affect your transportation plan? Support your answers with primary sources.

D. Summarize the terms and conditions that you would choose for your own international trade route. For example, consider the CISG, Incoterms, and other standardized trade agreements. Include reasoning for your choice of these terms and conditions in the context of global trade.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and should be 3–5 pages in length, including a reference page. Your paper should include at least three peer-reviewed journal articles or other scholarly sources. References and any in-text citations must be formatted in APA (6th edition) style.