Qualitative research


Qualitative research is a method of research that provides subjective data describing one’s perceptions, experiences, and meanings that accounts to contexts that helps understand the barriers that help bridge the gaps between scientific evidence and clinical practice.  An example, Green & Britten (1998) explain that qualitative research investigates attitudes, beliefs, and preference that addresses how evidence can be used in practice.

Qualitative research is the evidence that shows empiric knowing that is necessary for practice.  It is a method of research that uses numbers and graphs to test theories and assumptions.  This research method can be used to make predictions and generalizes results that measure the effectiveness of an interventions (Albers, 2017).

In comparing these two research methods, both are used to collect and analyze data, however, they allow to answer different types of research questions.  For example, Morgan (2016) describes qualitative research as a method that enables data gathering using words and meanings.  It also explores concepts and experiences in more detail and quantitatively establishes facts about a topic using numbers and statistics measuring variables and hypotheses.

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