Recycling and Solid Wastes Environmental Protection Persuasive Speech Critique

Submit your speech critique. It should be no longer than 3 pages in length, double-spaced, as a Word document.

-You can use these guidelines below to govern and temper your narrative critique of the speech you will have chosen (see the outline of my speech on the attached file).

-You don’t have to answer the questions, lockstep, although you can if you wish.


Word process your answers to the following. Follow the format below, numbering

your answers. Cite specific examples from the speech to support and illustrate

your points. Make sure you make reference to the O’Hair text in order to point out

the features of good oral communication.

1. Speaker:

2. Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2019

3. Type of speech and topic: Persuasive

4. Purpose of the speech:

5. Present an overview of the message.

6. Evaluate the introduction to the speech: introduction, thesis statement, engages audience,

tells us why we should listen.

7. How did this speaker motivate you to listen throughout the speech?

8. What types of supporting materials were used?

9. Evaluate the conclusion.

10. Evaluate the delivery: eye contact, use of space, appearance, relationship with the audience

11. What were the strengths of this speech?

12. What were the weaknesses of this speech?

13. What type of noise did you have to deal with during this speech? Were you able to overcome the noise? How? Why?

Kindly see the outline on the attached file to get more information about my persuasive speech.