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There are numerous types of malware out there that are meant to attack both our mobile devices as well computers/laptop systems. With each piece of malware there have been countermeasures created to defend against them. One of the most common forms of malware that a user sees more frequently than not, is Adware. Adware is not meant to capture or steal data, but it downloads and makes itself visible to the user by displaying on their device. As simple as this malware is, it is even easier to prevent as long as the user is paying attention when downloading and installing new software on their systems. By unchecking boxes that offer ads during an installation, turning off pop-up browser or installing anti-adware capabilities are a few ways to prevent this sort of irritating malware to infect a user’s device. (Harvey, 2017). Another common type of malware that is seen are social engineering or phishing attacks. Phishing is an email attack that attempts to manipulate users into giving up their passwords or trying to get them to access a malicious site which will in turn infect their system if they were to click on the link. Best way to avoid this and prevent it from happening is all based on a users education. It is imperative that users are aware of the social engineering tricks and how to avoid them, but also deploying anti-spam and anti-malware tactics would help as well (Harvey, 2017).


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