Rights Of The Employees In Employment And Labor Law Discussion Response

I believe that every employee is entitled to their rights, but it should be handled professionally. Employee Rights Law encompasses the various rights that have arisen over time which employees are legally entitled to in the workplace, such as: limits on drug testing; freedom from discrimination when an employee is part of a protected class; rights related to wage and hour law; the rights of workers to return to their former jobs after serving in the military; taking unpaid leave for births or adoptions, or serious health conditions the employee or his/her immediate family member is dealing with; the right to unionize; freedom from disciplinary action or termination for serving on a jury; right of advance notice of plant closings or mass layoffs; health and safety rights in the workplace; rights of disabled workers; privacy in the workplace; workers’ compensation; unemployment benefits; and much more. My organization threshold is very sensitive when it comes to information. All information that comes through from any patient is protected. When working in healthcare you will learn that patient privacy is very important. If the patient information is violated that’s when compliance comes into play. That’s why HIPPA is so important. HIPAA is important for patients who want to take a more active role in their healthcare and want to obtain copies of their health information. Even with great care, healthcare organizations can make mistakes when recording health information. If patients are able to obtain copies, they can check for errors and ensure mistakes are corrected.

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