Social Problems Bully Problems In High School in California Research Paper

a cumulating report about bully problem in high school

Legislators knows very little about the condition and are relying on you to tell them what they need to know and what they should do next.

In your report, answer the following questions. Feel free to borrow my headings:

1)The “State” of this Condition: (For example: The Stage of Teenage Drug Use in California, The State of Homelessness in Davis) Should we, as legislators, be worried? If so, how worried? Empirically, just how bad are things? Are things as bad as the media makes them out to be, or is the media exaggerating?

2)Informing the Public or What the Public Needs to Know: What should we tell the general public about the condition? Why?

3)Recommendations: Does the condition require legislative action in the form of new policy? Why or why not? What past policies have been implemented and what lessons can we learn from those policies? Do you have other recommendations to address this problem?

Be sure to draw on everything you have learned about the social problems process to provide well-reasoned answers. Think of this as a report. I don’t expect you to have a thesis statement, but I expect you to clearly address each of the three areas above.

The formatting is up to you, for the most part. You may choose to use the normal “school paper” format, with 1″ margins, size 12 times new roman font, and double-spacing. You may choose to take inspiration from a policy brief. You may choose a brochure format.

Note the following expectations:

Sufficiently answering these questions will require about 900-1200 words. Shorter papers may not have sufficient depth; much longer responses will lack the clarity and brevity we expect. You should clearly cite sources (both briefly in the text and with the full citation in footnotes or on a reference page). If you have a reference page, please use ASA format, since we’ve been practicing it all quarter. We expect you to cite at least 6 different sources total in this paper. “A” papers will use at least 3 sources per section. Feel free to use sources you’ve found over the course of the quarter.

Terms that you can use in the paper:

Troubles v. issues

Sociological imagination

Social problems

Social construction


Social problems process




Troubling condition(s)

Natural history


Grounds (of claims)

Warrants (of claims)

Conclusions (of claims)

Diagnostic Frame

Motivational Frame

Prognostics Frame


Domain expansion



Outside claimsmakers

Inside claimsmakers


Social movements

Social movement organizations



Frame alignment

Frame bridging

Frame amplification

Frame extension

Frame transformation

Frame disputes

Resource mobilization



Conscience constituents

Valence issues v. position issues

Opportunity structures



Medical model



Primary claims

Secondary claims

Carrying capacity

News work

Audience segmentation

Landmark narratives

Condensing symbols

Agenda setting

Semantic polling


Policy domain

Casual stories

Target population