Team final paper

This is my portion of the group assignment, but i have attached the entire question also, just in case

Team Final Paper and Presentation: ( company chosen by group is NETFLIX)

A final paper, ten to fifteen pages in length, is to be prepared by each team based upon the following criteria:

You and your team members will select a company (NETFLIX) and secure an annual report for that company. Based upon your review of this annual report and financial information you will meet the following criteria. If some of the data is not available to you through the annual report you may make assumptions based upon the type of company you are reviewing and what you have learned in this class. As we discussed in class, not all financial information is available to the public

Required Criteria: question 7, 8 & 9

  • Describe the methods your company would use to evaluate capital budgeting projects and outline the steps and acceptance criteria.
  • Does your company use a Balanced Scorecard to make business decisions? Please explain what areas you think they would have on their balanced scorecard.
  • Does your company have any ethical issues related to managerial accounting? You might be able to find a comment related to this in the annual report and/or by searching your company online to see if any articles come up in relationship to either their ethics in business practices or financial matters.

The purpose of these papers is to provide a vehicle to assess your mastery of the materials covered with respect to the learning objectives that we have covered.

APA format should be used for all written assignments.