Topic 2 DQ 5.1

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

Health care delivery model: Generally an administrator, a physician and a nurse can lead the health care delivery model and this entire team is responsible for accountability and operational responsibility for patient health care (service, efficiency, excellence and quality).

Patient Centered health care delivery at home is an affective model that can delivers a quality to the patients. This model can highly help to improve the outcomes and decreasing costs and further restructuring re-imbursements. According to this care liberation model treatment of the patient was effectively coordinated via primary care physician. Due to this main specific reason the patients receive special required care and services from healthcare staffs (Zajac et al. 2014). Because of the initial quick service, the patient does not have to wait to get initial treatment.

In this model the primary care physician can service the patient timely and the patient quick recovery outcome is the main witness of his health recovery. The healthcare unit in this mode was highly responsible, experienced and they are capable on the board to deliver needed support and services to the patients (Patel et al. 2015). In the serious conditions of patient then through this model the patients can receive all the support and medical treatment because patients would acknowledge more responsible staffs that would be ready all time to help them. So by using this model that he/she can recover in quick time or came out of danger situation. Under the model, the patients should not have to invest more money for medical treatment and also the patient can know who are assigned for taking care of them in day and night, it gives mental satisfaction to patients.


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