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Thermal Stressors Report

Bob Sanders (your supervisor) has another job for you. Acme Manufacturing Co. was impressed by your last report, and they have asked you to return to complete another job. BSCI has been contracted by Acme Manufacturing Co. to conduct a study at one of its facilities to determine employee exposures to various thermal stressors at different times. You are to conduct this study in January and July of 2012. After collecting and recording data from the field assessments, prepare a written report for Bob Sanders (CSP) to present to the Board of Directors. During your field investigations, you find the following field observations:

Security Personnel

The security personnel, while contracted by Acme, are still employees that need to be monitored. There are three main entries that are staffed with security personnel. These entries have a booth, which is roughly 5’x5’ with no heating or cooling. Each security officer works an eight hour shift, with two separate fifteen minute breaks (one during the first half of the shift, and the second during the second half of the shift) and one 30-minute meal break. The only opportunity to rehydrate is made during the break or meal periods. There are no drinking fountains or coolers in the security booths. Calculate the wind chill factor and wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) for each location.

January findings

Location Temperature °F Wind Velocity (mph) Wind Chill Factor (Calculated)
North Entrance -3 20
South Entrance -4 26
East Entrance -6 17

July findings

Location Wet Bulb (°F) Dry Bulb (°F) Globe Temp (°F) Calculated WBGT Index
North Entrance 98 89 92
South Entrance 102 91 94
East Entrance 99 88 87

Based on this information, determine which category each security location is exposed to and make a recommendation as to what changes, if any, you would make.

Respond to the details in each section, and format your report in APA style. Include at least each of the following in your report for this unit:

  • Introduction-briefly describe why the studies were performed (why you started the study).
  • Report details-briefly discuss the details of the scenario (what you found from the study).
  • Conclusions and recommendations-briefly describe your recommendations based on your findings (what you recommend to resolve any deficiencies).
  • Appendix-Measurements and calculations (show your work).
  • At least one page (double-spaced) in length (not including the reference page and appendices).