University of Maryland Achilles Myth and heroism Assignment

Key Post (around 250 words) due Thursday by 11:30 PM ET:

1. Identify a Greek character from the Learning Resources who acts in a heroic capacity. In the identification, note the gender of this character–whether male, female, transgender, hermaphrodite, and so forth. Note whether this character (human or other) undergoes any transformation of form or gender.

2. Briefly describe this character’s journey according to Joseph Campbell’s pattern of the hero’s journey. Pay particular attention to any transformations of the character as correlated with a particular stage in the Hero Quest.

3. Compare and contrast this character’s journey with that of a contemporary heroic character in a specific book or film, and with your own life. Reflect on whether the various characters fit the pattern of the hero’s journey as outlined by Campbell, noting why or why not.

METHOD: Follow the order of 1, 2, 3 above. Remember to cite your sources using MLA format in a Works Cited list at the end of all your posts.…

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