Write technician statement and chart

need a business plan based on a real gym

My gym is called “R.A.K fitness”

I’m the technician

I need a methodology statement

And a chart

Also research cost per square inch foot of physcial location and fincancing options of a gym

Also group activity 1,2,3,4 and 5 should be answered as followed in document uploaded

There is a textbook that is helpful

Examples can be found online

Realistic and plagiarism free with report

I’ll upload my gym ideas like core values etc to help


Please know business this is about a business about opening your own gym

Not sure how many pages so I’ll pay fair around 4 pages I’m guessing

One for chart

Than methology statement

Than pricing

The other questions can be on the same page

Thankyou 100 percent original work with plagiarism free report

Mla format

Citations if used

Use this site to help


The textbook is health and fitness management 2 by bates