What is an explanatory note to the thesis?

explanatory noteYou have already written and designed your thesis by studying our article What is a thesis, and now you are preparing to defend it. Remember – in order for your work to score a good grade, you still need to write an “explanatory note” to it. But what it is we will analyze in this article.

The concept 

An explanatory note to the thesis is the document for which you receive an assessment or even a qualification. Since the document is official exist in the archives of the educational institution for several more years. It is very important to follow the rules for its execution.

How to write an explanatory note

It is like the thesis project itself, is written on A4 sheets, in Times New Roman font, 14-point size, only its volume is much larger – up to 100 pages. It contains an introduction, main body and conclusions. In the introduction, as in other works, the purpose, subject, tasks for solving the problem under study are indicated. We considered how to write the introduction in the previous article, the main part is written according to the plan of the thesis itself, the conclusion indicates the result of the work done.

How to properly draw up an explanatory note

As we already understood, the explanatory note is a detailed plan of the content of the thesis.explanatory note

General requirements for registration

The content of the explanatory note divides into subsections. Paragraphs in the same way as in the thesis and is written in an official business style. The information presents clearly and rather. When drawing up an explanatory note, it is allowed to use various inserts (diagrams, drawings). Abbreviations drawn up in accordance with requirements.

Requirements for the explanatory note itself

  • The font is the same as the thesis;
  • Alignment – to the width of the page;
  • Numbering – continuous, in Arabic numerals;
  • Section tables – centered, from a new sheet, separated from the main text by an indent of 1 paragraph;
  • Inserts (tables, diagrams) – numbered and signed according to established standards.

Decoration of tables, diagrams, figures

The design of various diagrams, figures, tables follow the following rules:

  • Center position of the sheet;
  • Placed only after the link to it in the text;
  • Numbering, as in the thesis itself.

When filling out an explanatory note, be sure to check spelling and punctuation errors, because this is an official document!

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